This is a vital link to our customers and an area of customer service that is often taken for granted.   At Fox View Network (FVN) we don't take it for granted, if you allow us to do any or all of the installation of your audio and video system(s), we absolutely expect you to expect more from us than anyone else you allow into your home.   It's very simple, you don't want any problems or surprises with the audio/video and/or Home Theater system(s) you purchase from us, and we don't want you to experience any problems.   However, in the unlikely event trouble arises Fox View Network (FVN) will correct the problem to insure your system is working perfectly - no matter what!


Whether you're having Fox View Network (FVN) simply deliver a pair of speakers, or you've contracted with (FVN) to completely wire your house for audio and video distribution, you can expect the best because that's what we expect of ourselves!   Again, our customers deserve and expect great customer service, and at Fox View Network (FVN) we hope to exceed your expectations for service!