Fox View Network (FVN)

A premier "specialty" audio/video retailer, offering a complete line of high-end audio, video and related products for your home.   Whether you’re looking to create a dedicated home theater room, outfit your entire home with state-of-the-art "whole-house" audio and/or video distribution, or mix it up somewhere in-between (as many of our customers do), Fox View Network (FVN) is your "one stop shop!"

For more information regarding Fox View Network (FVN) please go to our About Us page.  To keep current on home theater technology, home theater trends, some fantastic promotions, and much more, please explore our website via the navigation menu to the Left for the latest products and offers.

The intent of this Web Site is to provide basic information on some of the equipment Brands we carry, and to highlight a number of popular products from a variety of manufacturers.   Navigate thru our Products pages and look around, and don’t forget to glance at our  Specials  page because your dream system might already be pre-packaged at a value price!

A common misconception for people thinking about home theater electronics is that truly high-end products are far too expensive for their budget.   While there are plenty of astronomically priced high-end components on the market, what we at Fox View Network (FVN) look to promote most is VALUE!   That is, reasonably priced high-end products that exceed your expectations of performance and features.   Thus, as this Web Site matures, [as changes are inevitable], Fox View Network (FVN) will continue to offer what we believe to be the best components providing the best value because that’s what we would want for our own homes.

When we say, Fox View Network (FVN) is your "one stop shop" that’s exactly what we mean!   We can provide total audio/video solutions for your home from start to finish, or you can choose to do it yourself.   The extent of our involvement is totally up to you, and if you have questions - just ask.   For more information on what we can provide to enhance your audio/video and/or home theater project, besides equipment, navigate thru our Services pages.

Just to provide a brief representation of products and "packages" take a glimpse at the [Theaters] we’ve assembled on our Now Playing pages!   Because of the very dynamic nature of the high-end audio/video industry, and our continual efforts to offer only the best products for the money, Fox View Network (FVN) is a "work in progress."   However, in the future we should have some nice showroom photos to compliment the equipment we’ve tried to boast about here on our Web Site!

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