To provide a glimpse of the quality in both workmanship and products this page shows just a few installations Fox View Network (FVN) has done over the years.   As we complete work on new installations and continually add to our list of satisfied customers this page will be updated.

Move your (mouse) over each picture to see the list of equipment used in each installation photo.   As always, if you have questions - just ask!

        ➤TruAudio SAT.1 (LR)
    ➤TruAudio SAT.1-CC (Center Channel)
    ➤Sunfire SDS-8 (Subwoofer)
    ➤Onkyo HT-R791 AV Receiver
    ➤Samsung 55" LED TV
        ➤TruAudio CT-4 (LR)
    ➤TruAudio CT-44 (Center Channel)
    ➤Sunfire HRS-10 (Subwoofer)
    ➤Onkyo TX-RZ610 AV Receiver
    ➤LG 86" IPS Panel TV
        ➤Canton Vento 890 DC (LR)
    ➤Canton Vento 856 (Center Channel)
    ➤Lovan M-2 Center Channel Stand
    ➤Sunfire TS-EQ12 and TS-EQ10 (Subwoofers)
    ➤Vutec Vu-Easy 133" (Screen)
    ➤FatCat Elite 600 Series cabling
        ➤Sunfire TGP-401 Pre/Pro
    ➤Sunfire TGA-7201 Amplifier
        ➤Paliser "Brando" series [RED]
    ➤Paliser "Connery" series [BLACK]
        ➤TruAudio BLU-6RL (LR)
    ➤TruAudio BLU-5C (Center Channel)
    ➤TruAudio SS-C-12 Center Channel Stand
    ➤TruAudio SUB-8 (Subwoofer)
    ➤Vutec Vu-Easy 92" (Screen)
        ➤Newcastle P-965 Pre/Pro
    ➤Newcastle A-965 Amplifier
    ➤Dish 811 Satellite Receiver
    ➤Apature Black Beauty "G" Series cabling
        ➤Vutec SilverStar 110" (Screen)
        ➤TruAudio AV-63 In-Wall (LRC)
    ➤Sunfire SubRosa In-Wall (Subwoofer)
    ➤Samsung 55" LED TV
        ➤Onkyo TX-SR508 AV Receiver
    ➤Vizio 42" 1080p LCD Panel
    ➤TruAudio PT-150 (LR)
    ➤TruAudio P-100 (Center Channel)
    ➤TruAudio PHT-SUR (Surrounds)
    ➤Sunfire HRS-8 (Subwoofers)
    ➤Sony BDP-BX2 Blu-ray Playernobr>
        ➤InFocus Play Big IN76 video projector
    ➤Peerless projector ceiling mount
        ➤TruAudio SAT.1 (Satellite speaker)
        ➤TruAudio B-631 In-Wall speaker
        ➤TruAudio REVOLVE-LCR.1 In-Ceiling (LCR)
    ➤Apature "GG" series wiring
        ➤NEC PX-42XM4A HD 42" Plasma Monitor
        ➤TruAudio CC.1 (Center Channel)
        ➤Panasonic TH-42PX75U 42" Plasma HDTV
    ➤Monster PRO 900 PowerCenter
    ➤Denon AVR-685 AV Receiver
    ➤DISH Network ViP622 DVR™ HD Satellite Receiver
        ➤Vutec 92" Lectric I RF (Screen)
    ➤TruAudio CC.1 (Center Channel)
        ➤TruAudio BLU-5C (Center Channel)
    ➤Lovan 29" Prelude Center Channel Stand
    ➤TruAudio BLU-6RL (LR)
    ➤Sunfire D-10 (Subwoofer)
    ➤Apature "Black Beauty" wiring and cabling
    ➤Vutec Vu-Easy 103" (Screen)
        ➤TruAudio OP-6 (Outdoor Speakers)
        ➤Open House structure-box video distribution "hub"
    ➤Channel Plus voice and data "hub"
        ➤TruAudio FORGE Core 16U (Equipment Rack)