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Keeping up with constantly advancing technology, which has become almost common-place in the high-tech homes and lifestyles of today, NuVo Technologies has created some truly award-winning whole-house audio products with Consumers in mind.   By taking "simplicity" as a serious design parameter for audio components that integrate seamlessly into your home, NuVo systems afford unbelievable sound and unprecedented ease of access to multiple audio sources throughout your home!

NuVo Home Audio Systems can take your entire home environment to a whole new world.  Add high fidelity speakers from TruAudio and "going home never sounded so good"!

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Nuvo® Player EcoSystem

Nuvo® Player EcoSystem

        ➤Player App for Control
    ➤In-Wall Keypads and Touch Screen
    ➤Professional Multi-Zone Rack Mount Players
    ➤Wired/Wireless Single-Zone Players
    ➤Remote speakers, Sound Bars, Subwoofers
    ➤Structure installation components
    ➤Digital Power Amplifiers

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In January of 1978, company founder Ivan Niles Zuckerman opened Niles Audio Corporation for business.   The fledgling company's first products were switching systems designed for use by audio retailers as a tool to help demonstrate speakers and amplifiers to potential customers.   From those early switching systems, Niles has evolved into a solutions-based consumer electronics company that offers a comprehensive line of lifestyle electronics for custom-installed home-entertainment systems.

Niles has played a major role in the transformation of custom-installed whole-house audio systems into a thriving, highly professional industry; now in the 21st century Niles new multi-zone products offer unparalleled flexibility in creating customized whole-house audio systems.

Today the Niles line of more than 500 individual products includes a comprehensive array of devices for every aspect of whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems.   Niles truly is a "total solutions" company, leading the Multi-Room industry and helping to define its future.

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Auriel™ Smart Home Control System

MRC-6430 Multi-Room Audio and Control Chassis

        ➤Seven zones, six input sources
    ➤Six audio zones (expandable to 12)
    ➤Built-in streaming for Pandora, TuneIn, Tidal, etc.
    ➤Two-way source control via IP and IR
    ➤Home Theater control for audio and video
    ➤Lighting control of up to 24 lighting loads with scene control
    ➤Climate control of up to three wireless thermostats
    ➤Easy tablet or Mobile App configuration
    ➤Standard TCP/IP backbone control
Auriel™ Smart Home Control System

User Interfaces

        ➤nTP7 Touch Panels
    ➤nHR200 Remote Control
    ➤nKP7 Keypads

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Here at Fox View Network (FVN) we're constantly looking for ways to improve the audio experience in the home.   In 2002, SONOS set out with a single goal - to reinvent home audio for the digital age by filling every home with music and making listening to that music a truly valued and emotional experience once again!   With new products, new software and continually investing in ways enabling Customers to hear the songs they love, or discover new music, SONOS is making it easy for everybody to listen to music in every room of their home with the highest sound quality available.

All over the world - in more than 60 countries, in seven languages, through thousands of retailers SONOS like Fox View Network (FVN) is "changing the way people listen to music - one home at a time."

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        ➤Six Class-D digital amplifiers
    ➤Three tweeters
    ➤Three mid-woofers
    ➤Phased speaker array (3 on top, 3 on bottom)
    ➤3.5mm auto-detecting line-in
    ➤Wi-Fi connectivity
    ➤Humidity resistant
    ➤Capacitive touch controls
    ➤Automatic software updates


        ➤Voice Control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
    ➤WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
    ➤Indoor/Outdoor shock resistant case
    ➤Simple recharging via included indoor charging base
    ➤Two Class-D amplifiers
    ➤Responsive audio chime for interaction
    ➤Far-field microphone array
    ➤Weather resistant
    ➤Capacitive touch controls
    ➤Automatic software updates

TruAudio logo

TruAudio is not your ordinary Speaker Manufacturer.  After spending years in the custom audio/video installation industry they were able to experience first hand what consumers expected from an architectural speaker.  Thus, with that knowledge and expertise TruAudio now manufactures some of the best Architectural Speakers on the market today!  TruAudio speakers perform like quality "high-end" free-standing cabinet type speakers but install "flush" into your standard wall or ceiling.   TruAudio speakers will perform beyond all your expectations; plus, all their Architectural Speakers come with a LIFETIME Warranty!

TruAudio Architectural Speakers not only install "flush" into your ceiling or wall, the "grilles" can be painted allowing them to be virtually invisible, "seamlessly" blending into any room décor.  They include high quality crossovers and gold binding posts with woofers that are custom designed for "free air use".   Enhance your new or existing audio and/or Home Theater system with TruAudio speakers!

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Ghost Series

Ghost G72

        ➤Three-Way in-ceiling design (9")
    ➤Two-Way in-ceiling design (7")
    ➤White polypropylene woofer
    ➤1" silk dome tweeter
    ➤25 - 125 watts , 8Ω
    ➤Vented protective backbox
Phantom Series


        ➤2-way in-ceiling speaker
    ➤8" poly woofer
    ➤(2) 1" silk soft dome swivel tweeter
    ➤5 - 120 watts , 8Ω
    ➤Patented 2-mm reveal magnetic frameless grill
    ➤Built to withstand outdoor environments


        ➤2-way in-ceiling speaker
    ➤8" poly woofer
    ➤1" silk soft dome swivel tweeter
    ➤5 - 100 watts , 8Ω
    ➤Paintable aluminum, pressure fit grill
    ➤Built to withstand outdoor environments

Solid|Drive logo

Induction Dynamics, founded in 1995 and sister company of MS Electronics, LLC introduces Solid|Drive which transforms walls, windows, tables - nearly any solid surface into a speaker.   Using patent-pending technology high-quality, full-range sound is radiated omni-directionally at nearly all frequencies while still maintaining channel separation.   Solid|Drive can be installed directly behind walls or ceilings for a truly hidden appearance - turning an entire wall or ceiling into a sound source.   Thermally protected, highly efficient and extremely compact - now sound can be delivered to any room with no visible speakers or wiring!

Utilizing high-powered magnets audio signals are converted into powerful vibrations which are transferred into virtually any solid surface by direct contact; however, Solid|Drive has no moving parts, and is fabricated from special non-fatiguing materials!   Ideal for home re-models or new-home construction, now you can put sound almost anywhere in your home without speakers!

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Solid|Drive SD1

Solid|Drive SD1

        ➤Full Range Transducer , 8Ω
    ➤70 - 15kHz frequency response
    ➤10 - 100 Watts recommended amplifier power
    ➤2.28" Diameter x 2.08" High
    ➤Mounting Plate: 3.5" Diameter
    ➤Weight: 1.2 lbs
    ➤"In-Wall" / "In-Ceiling" mounting bracket
    ➤Special silicone rubber pad "grips" any non-porous surface
Solid|Drive SD1g

Solid|Drive SD1g

        ➤Full Range Transducer , 8Ω
    ➤70 - 15kHz frequency response
    ➤10 - 100 Watts recommended amplifier power
    ➤2.28" Diameter x 2.08" High
    ➤Weight: 1.1 lbs
    ➤Double-sided adhesive attachment disc